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Take The Animorphs Quiz!

Are you a crazed Animorphs fan like me? Do you think you know everything about Animorphs? Then take this quiz to see how much you know! Please don't cheat and look in your books. I'd like you to try this from memory. If you get all of them right, I'll send you an award, which looks like this:
NOTE: If you get the award, it won't have the word "sample" on it.

So, you think you know everything about Animorphs?

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1) What is Elfangor's full name?
2) What is Ax's full name?
3) What is Alloran's full name?
4) What is Aldrea's full name?
5) What is Visser Three's full Yeerk name?
6) What is the blue box (morphing cube) called?
7) What is a blending of DNA called? (Which is what Ax did to get his human morph)
8) What do you call someone who is trapped in morph?
9) What is the name of Jeremy Jason McCole's yacht?
10) What is the term for "burping DNA"?
11) What is a hirac delest?
12) What is bio-stasis?
13) What does the word Veleek mean?
14) What is a very intelligent Hork-Bajir called?
15) What color are Na? (Of the Skrit Na)
16) Name one tree from the Hork-Bajir world.
17) What is Chapman's first name?
18) What is an estreen?
19) What is Chapman's first name?
20) What is the full name of the Kandrona?
Which books have you read? (I need to know this because if you haven't read the book which the question came from, it won't count.)
  #1 The Invasion
  #2 The Visitor
  #3 The Encounter

  #4 The Message
  #5 The Predator
  #6 The Capture

  #7 The Stranger
  #8 The Alien
  #9 The Secret

  #10 The Android
  #11 The Forgotten
  #12 The Reaction

  #13 The Change
  #14 The Unknown
  #15 The Escape

  #16 The Warning
  #17 The Underground
  #18 The Decision

  #19 The Departure
  #20 The Discovery
  #21 The Threat

  #22 The Solution
  #23 The Pretender
  #24 The Suspicion

  #25 The Extreme
  #26 The Attack
  #27 The Exposed

  #28 The Experiment
  #29 The Sickness
  MM1 The Andalite's Gift

  MM2 In the Time of Dinosaurs
  MM3 Elfangor's Secret
  The Andalite Chronicles

  The Hork-Bajir Chronicles

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