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_____You walk into a room. It's slightly messy. You see a girl sitting in a chair, engrossed in a book. Sleeping in front of the fireplace is a large yellow dragon. You look closer. Her book is about dragons. The girl looks up. "Oh, hi," she says. "I didn't see you come in. My name is Alysha. Can I help you?"

_____ You try to remember why you came, but fail. You don't want to look like an idiot, though, so you ask, "Is that a dragon there?"

_____She smiles. "Yes. I found it in the mountains one day as an egg. I think it came from Dragonskies Adoptions, but they wouldn't abandon an egg on purpose. There must have been an accident. Anyway, I took it home, and it hatched. She's been here ever since. Her name is Niqualyn Jen'Adar. "

_____You nod. "How do you plan on raising this dragon?"

_____"I've been reading about them," says Alysha. "Here's someyhing about yellows:

_____"Yellows are always female, and are the most dominant of the female dragons. Any other color will bend to the will of a determined yellow, and determination is their most notable trait (though some are known to call it stubbornness). They make the best protectors for pets."

_____She looks back up. "That enough for you? This book has about everything on raising a dragon."

_____You nod and back out of the room. "Well, I'll be seeing you."

_____She smiles. "Bye!"