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Hi, and welcome to the Fuzzy Adoption Center! Here there are lots of adorable fuzzies to choose from. Just save the fuzzy and upload it to your server. All I ask is that you don't take these and say that they are your own, and also provide a link back to me.You can link to me using this certificate:

And here are the fuzzies:

Rainbow Fuzzy #1
Rainbow Fuzzy #2
Rainbow Fuzzy #3
Rainbow Fuzzy #4
Rainbow Fuzzy #5
Rainbow Fuzzy #6
Black Fuzzy
Red Fuzzy
Orange Fuzzy
Yellow Fuzzy
Green Fuzzy
Blue Fuzzy
Purple Fuzzy
Teal Fuzzy
Maroon Fuzzy
Dark Green Fuzzy
Grey Fuzzy
White Fuzzy
Brown Fuzzy
Layer Fuzzy
Rainbow Circle Fuzzy
*Peach Fuzzy
*Pizza Fuzzy

*=Custom Made Fuzzy

Don't see the color fuzzy you want? Then fill out the form below!

Custom Fuzzy

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NOTE: This is not to adopt a fuzzy. It is to order a fuzzy of a color that isn't on here. All forms wanting to just adopt a fuzzy will be deleted.

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