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Wednesday, June 28, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Fakes: I was surfing around on ebay, and I found some outrageous fakes selling. And the hilarious part was, some were actually bid on! They have way too high HP, wrong types, wrong evolutions... I could go on and on.

Friday, June 23, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Finished: The GS Pokedes is finally fixed, this time witn all new pics. I still need to get a Snubbull pic, so be expecting that soon...

Tee hee! Look at the fake card I made!

Wednesday, June 21, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Not so Pissed Off: Well, I feel better today. I'm getting all my info back, Fakemon is going to put up a link to me for using my GS Pokedex, and Laspras made us a kawaii enter game! Go play it!

Tuesday, June 20, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Pissed Off: Oooooohhh. I am SO MAD! First yesterday, my mom deleted most of my Gold/Silver Pokedex. I have backup, but it's not the most recent copy, and so I have to redo a lot of entries and most of the new names. Then today, I found out that a popular site,, has stolen my Gold/Silver Pokedex and not even given me credit!! It was really obvious because they used my exact words. I emailed them, though, and hopefully they'll fix it and give me credit. (It still makes me really mad, though.)

Oh, and England was great...

Wednesday, June 7, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Leaving: The Staff page has been updated so that you can email all the members, and also the TR page has pics of the different memebers to click on.

Now, I'm leaving today and going to England for 11 days, so no updates for a while. :( But when I get back, I'm putting up all new images in the GS pokedex! Oh, and that reminds me- three new names added to that section today. Here's a sample of the pics. That's Politoed, who is Nyorotono.

Monday, June 5, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Adoptions: A lot more buttons added to the links section, and two of them REALLY cute too! Tee hee!

Sunday, June 4, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Adoptions: Hey! WAHOO! Today's my birthday! But I'm not slacking off... I adopted a few new Pokemon and took off some topsites that had broken images. Also, I'm going to put up new images in the gs pokedex, so be expecting that soon. And lastly, I put up a counter.

Saturday, June 3, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Pokedex: Another new name for the GS Pokedex. Phanpy, who is Gomazou.

Thursday, June 1, 2000 by Alyshakitties
Layout: New layout's up on all the pages. Plus, a new name for the GS Pokedex. Misdreavus, who is Nyuura.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000 Alyshakitties
New Layout!: Pikachu's Beach Layout 2.0! Like it? By tomorrow it'll be up on all the pages.
News - May 29, 2000 - Alyshakitties
In Revelation Lugia, Jirarudan's English name is to be Lawrence III. Not bad, but they coulda done much better, I think. Oh, and guess what- we'll be getting a new layout very soon. Same top banner, different frames.

News - May 29, 2000 - Alyshakitties
The four promo cards that are going to be given out at Revelation Lugia are Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, and Ancient Mew! Cool, huh?

Awards and Buttons - May 28, 2000 - Alyshakitties
The Awards are up, and four new buttons as well.

Adoptions - May 28, 2000 - Alyshakitties
The Adoptions are up, but just on the main frame. The Adopt a Pokemon page I've been working on for a long time,like the GS Pokedex, and it's REALLY cool.

Affiliate - May 27, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Another affiliate (geez!) and another GS name. Corsola, who is Saniigo.

Affiliate - May 27, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Well, as my birthday is next Sunday, one of my friends has decided to affliate with me. Go check out PokeWaters! Plus, the adoptions (both Adopt and Adopted) are up, but I still need a banner, which I'll have later today.

Gah. Finals next week. Don't you wish there were exams on Pokemon? I know I'd ace em...

What's in a name? - May 20, 2000 - Alyshakitties
NAMES! NAMES! LOTS AND LOTS OF NAMES! (As you can see, I'm excited.) More new names for the gs pokedex.

Pokedexes - May 14, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Every day I'll be adding new english names of gold/silver Pokemon to the GS Pokedex, so keep checking it! Plus, we've got a new affiliate.

Pokedexes - May 18, 2000 - Alyshakitties
I've added a new banner to the links section. Now, what I plan to do is make eah section, but only add the link to the main page frame. Then, when I've got all the pages, I'll make one big update, putting all the pages on every frame. For now, I've got both pokedexes up. I've actually had then even before I started this site, for over a year; well, the gs one at least. So look at the result of my hard work and I think you'll be pleased!

Pic - May 13, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Hey, I just wanted to show you this kawaii image I got from

Banner - May 13, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Look at our new top affiliate, PokeNeo! Plus, I put a new top banner up above. How do you like it? Thanks to sea_flower!

Another affiliate - May 6, 2000 - Alyshakitties
I took Wakaba Town off our affiliates, because I guess they deleted their page or something. But we've got more! Pikachu's Paradise and SPokemon! Plus, I took the Growlithe question off the quiz because it was too easy, and replaced it with a much harder one. Mwahahahaha!

Offer - April 23, 2000 - Ami!
Hi! I'm new here! And so is this, the 'Dark Raichu' card!

Another affiliate - April 23, 2000 - Alyshakitties
We've got another affiliate, Mew's Bubble. ^_^ Kawaii site!

Affiliate - April 21, 2000 - Alyshakitties
We've got a new affiliate, Pokemon Extreme! They're really cool so check them out!

BUSY, BUSY, AND BUSY! - April 21, 2000 - mansrak
Hey, well i've benn busy latley with about 3 other sites and well i didn't know how to use tripod that good but now i know... Well i made the birth of mewtwo so don't steal it! I have no good news so see ya. I might update later today. Bye.

Lugia - April 21, 2000 - Alyshakitties
A lot of pics added to the Revelation Lugia section. Thanks BulbaGarden! (Don't worry, we didn't steal em! We linked back!) Plus we've got a new affilaite, Wakaba Town.

Lots - April 19, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Well, a big update. We've got a new artist, who will be drawing various pics. Welcome, Laspras! ^_^ The TR pages are no longer broken links; they're just pages with an "Under Construction" sign on em. :P And there is a new banner and a new button under Link to Us, and lastly there are a WHOLE BUNCH of screenshots from Lord of the Unknwon Tower.

I contacted Poketech, who agreed to host us, about their lateness *cough* but they haven't responded yet. I'll let ya know when they do!

Affiliate - April 17, 2000 - Alyshakitties
We've got a new affiliate, Waninoko's Beach! They're new like us, but we're sure they'll be huge soon! :)

Offer - April 16, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Guess what? We've only been up a while, and already we've got a hosting offer! All updates will be postphoned until we move.

Movies - April 9, 2000 - Alyshakitties
All the movies are up. Look at the Birth of Mewtwo!

Cool! - April 8, 2000 - Alyshakitties
We got some new staff members, and a lot more is up, including Revelation Lugia!

Yay! - April 2, 2000 - Alyshakitties
I fixed the updates, and the staff page is up.

Hello - April 1, 2000 - Alyshakitties
Welcome to the grand opening of Pikachu's Beach! Be expecting a lot more soon! :)