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Please do not take this movie. Mansrak worked very hard to take the images and make them an animation. If you would like to use it, our only requirement is that you give us credit. Thank you!

Mewtwo: (In the glass chamber) Where is this?...Who am I?...Why am I here...?

Mew: (Country music played) Mew.

Mewtwo: Who is that?

Mew: Mew.

Mewtwo: Mew? Who is Mew?

Mew: Mew.

Mewtwo: Wait, where are you going?

Mewtwo: (By himself) Where is this?...Who am I?...Why am I here? (Sounds of other pokemon are heard)

Dr. Fuji: We created Mewtwo from the analysis of the phantom Mew.

Sakaki: Is this really the pokemon created from Mew?

Dr. Fuji: The looks and figure may be slightly different, but we have done everything we can. Maybe this Mewtwo has even stronger powers than Mew. It is still sleeping though.

Mewtwo: (In the glass chamber) I am already awake. But I cannot see anything. I cannot say anything. I cannot feel anything. What am I?

Dr. Fuji: Right now, Mewtwo is in a condition like that of a sleeping child. When this Mewtwo awakens we will know what the extent of its powers are.

Sakaki: I am looking forward to it. If it really was created from the world's rarest pokemon, then...(Laughs)

Mewtwo: Someone is talking about me. But what are they saying? (A waterdrop is heard while a form of energy appears near Mewtwo)

Ai: Those are words...human words...

Mewtwo: Huh? Who are you?

Ai: I'm besides you. Right besides you.

Mewtwo: Right besides me?

Ai: I'm a human, born just like you.

Mewtwo: A human? Then I must be a human too!

Ai: We can talk, so maybe you are a human. Or maybe I'm a pokemon.

Mewtwo: A human? A pokemon? What's that? Which am I?

Ai: It doesn't matter. We were born in the same way. All of us here was born in the same way.

Mewtwo: All of us?

Ai: Can't you hear? Everyone's voices...can you tell who they are?

Zenigame copy: Zeni, zenitwo.

Fushigidane copy: Dane, danetwo.

Hitokage copy: Kage, kagetwo.

Mewtwo: All of them..? Two? Two? Why is everyone twos?

Ai: We're all copies. So we're not number ones, but twos.

Mewtwo: Then I'm a two too?

Ai: I'm a two too. My name is Ai. But my real name is Aitwo.

Mewtwo: Aitwo?

Ai: Not the real Ai, but Ai number two. No, maybe I'm Aithree.

Mewtwo: Aithree?

Ai: Yes! That's right. (Counts in English) One, two, three, four...If there's a one, there's a two. And if there's a two, next is three! It's not strange at all. See? (Counts in English) One, two, three, four, five.

Mewtwo: (Counts in English) One, two, three, four, five.

Ai: (Counts in Japanese) One, two, three, four, five...numbers, digits...

Mewtwo: (Counts in Japanese) One, two, three, four, five?

Ai: Isn't it great?

Mewtwo: Great?

Ai: Right. I don't care if I'm not real or whether I'm Aitwo, Aithree, or Aifour...I mean, we're all here! This is really great!

Mewtwo: (Counts in English) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven?

Ai: That's right. And...

Ai and Mewtwo: (Counts in English) Eight, nine (Laughs)...ten! (Laughs)

Zenigame copy: Zeni, zeni.

Fushigidane copy: Dane, dane, dane.

Hitokage copy: Kage~!

Pikachu copy: Pika, pika.

Zenigame copy: Zeni, zeni.

Researcher: What? What's all the commotion?

Fushigidane copy: Dane, dane, dane.

Researcher: (Computer alarm) Doctor, take a look...please look at your daughter and Mewtwo's brain waves.

Dr. Fuji: T...this is...

Computer: Ai and Mewtwo are communicating between the glass test tubes.

Dr. Fuji: What?

Mewtwo: Ai, I...I want to know more...and more!

Ai: Yeah! I'll teach you anything I know.

Mewtwo: Huh? Ai...I can see something. I can feel something. What's that?

Ai: You can feel it? You can see it?

Mewtwo: Yeah.

Ai: That's the sun.

Mewtwo: The sun?

Ai: It lights and warms us up. Wa~rm...

Mewtwo: Wa~rm...Ai, what's that?

Ai: It's the stars and the moon. They're there to tell us that the night's not dark and scary. They're always shining at night.

Mewtwo: Ai..what's he eating?

Ai: That? Hehehe...that's cake and milk that a researcher is eating.

Mewtwo: Cake? Milk?

Ai: Cake is sweet..and soft...and usually not adults, but children love it!

Mewtwo: Then you must like it too Ai.

Ai: I've never had it before. I mean, I can't eat in here, in the water.

Mewtwo: Hmm...How about milk?

Ai: It's something that newborn babies, not adults, want the most. But... (Giggles) hehehe. I've never had that either. I've cried before because I wanted it though.

Mewtwo: Why are we born?

Ai: Because there is a papa and a mama.

Mewtwo: Do we have a papa and a mama too?

Ai: In our case,, I guess.

Mewtwo: God? (Ai giggles) Ai, what are we?

Ai: You're a strange a and very wonderful pocket monster.

Mewtwo: Pocket monster? Then you're a pocket monster too, Ai?

Ai: No, I'm a human. But I'm a copy water drops)

Mewtwo: What's wrong? What's wrong Ai?

Dr. Fuji: (Explaining to the radio audience) Ai, who was in the cultivation liquid of the glass chamber, was starting to diminish. Cells of a human copy, whose life force is not as strong as the force of a pokemon, could not live that long.

Mewtwo: Ai, answer me...Ai? What happened?

Ai: (Giggles) I think it's almost time for us to say goodbye., all right? I'm sure living is wonderful.

Mewtwo: Ai..I..I'm in the the water, but water is flowing from my eyes...what is this?

Ai: (Giggles) That's probably..tears.

Mewtwo: Tears?

Ai: Papa said all living things don't shed tears unless their bodies hurt. And the only ones who shed tears because they're sad are humans...Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: Huh?

Ai: ...Thank you for your tears. But Mewtwo, don’t cry. You're going to live. And I'm sure that living is wonderful.

Mewtwo: Ai, it won't stop...The tears..what should I do? Ai, answer me...

Thanks to Dogasu's English-Japanese Pokemon Page for the translation.